Hey guys, thanks for checking out my sweet new website. It's a little self indulgent I know, but I just reached 650 followers on Instagram and once you pass that threshold you have two options: create a website, or die. So I chose to create a website (you're welcome MOM!).

All right let's start with the most important stuff. I grew up in Danville, California a quaint 'lil suburb of the San Francisco bay area (the East Bay we call it). I'm mixed race and I know what you're thinking: we ARE the most attractive people in the world! Or maybe you're thinking: he's mixed race!? YAH RIGHT. Well let me tell you right now "UH-HUH I AM!" My mother is Puerto Rican/Brazilian and my father is German/Irish so I am indeed mixed race! But I don't speak Spanish or Portuguese so I would venture that a lot of people would consider me whiter than anthrax. But did YOU eat rice and beans every day for dinner growing up? No. I didn't think you did.

Anyway, once I turned eighteen I decided to leave permanent light jacket weather for the frozen tundra hell that is Chicago...well really Evanston. Evanston is a city just north of Chicago that is home to my alma mater, Northwestern University! I had a great time if I do say so myself, and hey, it was a great place to foster my artistic voice (sorry I know it's gross but I had to say it). 

It was at Northwestern that I was able to foster relationships with my current mentors David H. Bell, Laura Schellhardt, and Daniel Cantor who helped me identify for myself who I wanted to be. Northwestern is a liberal arts college so really they're like: oh you gave us money COOOL now do whatever you want we don't care! I was able to study acting, playwriting, musical theatre, really all of it and I couldn't have asked for a better place to hide from the real world as my cystic acne finally ran its course. I am happy to say that I have been acne free since 21 (thanks Acutane!). I graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in theatre (hah) and moved twenty minutes south to Chicago to pursue my career in acting and writing.

I was in Chicago for five whole years! And during those years I grew exponentially as an artist. I was acting frequently on store-front stages and even booked an episodic on an ABC show! But I also had this other secret passion, a dirty secret. Something that if it came out, people would shun me forever. Over the course of these five years I slowly realized I had one goal: to be a famed television writer like Aaron Sorkin or Shonda Rhymes. It was then that I wrote my first pilot KAPPA FORCE, about patriarchy smashing sorority superheroes. I split it up into a web series and I am proud to say after a week of filming in August of 2017, we are officially in post production! Check out the trailer here.

Since wrapping Kappa Force, I decided to move to LA and pursue my dreams of walking into the Pacific Ocean and never coming back. Oh also the TV writer thing! Over the course of 2017 I wrote three short films all within the realm of the television show Black Mirror. The first, "AVA IN THE END" was made this past November. I was fortunate to have a Northwestern mini reunion with NU alum Ursula Ellis in the directors seat, NU alum Travis LaBella behind the camera, and NU alum Elsa Gay as our star (#gocats).

In January I made my second in the trilogy "JEFF DRIVES YOU," directed by Aidan Brezonick and starring um...me! :-D :-D :-D. It was produced by Simian Design Group.

The third in the trilogy "NO MORE SWIPING" will be filmed in May of 2018.  I'll be reunited with my Kappa Force director and DP Hannah Welever and Taylor Russ and it will be produced by my own production company SASSY COMPUTER PRODUCTIONS. Stay tuned!

I guess we're all caught up now! Feel free to look at the rest of this place. There are headshots (yay), pictures of shows/movies I've been in/written (double yay), and synopses and samples of some of my writing (TRIPLE YAY). Thank you for coming here, I will do my darndest to not disappoint.

Much Love and Cookies,